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Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.

-William Feather
Dr. Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller on The Ultimate How To Make A Great Presentation

The Ultimate
How To Make A Great Presentation

Say It Like You Mean It

Professionally certified motivational speaker, Dr. Johnny Miller, does not the keep the secrets of a lifetime, the secrets of what he does best. What he does best is speak and coach executives, and speakers. With the American Speakers Bureau corporate speaker’s bureaus and executives, and also coached athletes and Miss American Contest Winners.

Background: Every leader, executive, manager or associate can succeed better and faster with the great presentation skills within his/her company and to outside interested parties. No other type of communication is more feared. No other communication requires more skill and preparation. No channel is more effective than is the personal, live, one-to-one and one- to-many oral channel.

Yet this is the channel that is most fragile, feared, and fraught with error. Individuals at every organizational level and especially in management know that how they come across in stand up presentations singles them out as effective or as who cares about what they say.

Purpose: Say It Like You Mean It is designed to learn and perfect presentation-making skills. Instruction focuses on appropriate language use. Dysfunctional body movement, gestures and verbal activity will be replaced by skilled presentational action. Those who complete a seminar will better understand of what underlies credible organization of a message and will hone the skills of winsome delivery.

Topics Covered:

* Four ways to win an audience in the first two minutes
* Enabling your listeners to know where you are headed
* Keys to credibility-good character, good will & good sense
* Easily remembered sequence of material
* Choose from 10 effective speech formats
* Finding the most effective supporting material
* Closing with highlights
* Correcting body, gesture and voice problems
* Polishing delivery skills

Special Features: Say It Like You Mean It includes: casing your target audience, determining your end objectives, mapping roads to the destination, structuring the message, choosing among stock formats, use of images and metaphor, and presentation skills.

Say It Like You Mean It comes in several formats: Private personal executive coaching centered on one presentation or for a series of sessions. One-day seminars can provide basic skill how-to training in lecture-feedback formats for groups of 20-100. Two-day seminars are for performance coaching of small groups. Those at the same level can be scheduled together in groups of 6-15 participants where performance assessed and critiqued with the aid of video instruction. Use of on-the-spot graphics and Power Point will be demonstrated. Theory emerges via guided practice of skills, broken into small segments. Participants can expect candid and supportive advice. Those who complete the longer seminar will recognize and extinguish flaws and perfect their strengths.

Results: This seminar builds understanding of the persuasive process of presentational speaking. It enables participants to coolly and passionately take charge of what they say. SAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT raises awareness of the keys to credible speaking: the role of language, effective arrangement of material, and the dynamics of body movement, gesture, and voice.

Motivational Quotes

"Everyone who got where he is has had to begin where he was."

- Robert Louis Stevenson


"I am always doing things I can't do, that's how I get to do them."

- Pablo Picasso